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Why Choose Survival Swim?

Children have an affinity for and natural curiosity about the water. Living in a coastal town surrounded by water increases the risk of an aquatic accident. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 4. Survival swim teaches young children to roll to their backs from a face down position. They learn to float in order to rest and breathe, then roll back over and swim to find an exit from the water. Infants learn how to assume and maintain a floating position after a full submersion while awaiting rescue. The swim, float, swim technique is individualized to each child through private lessons. It is imperative to our philosophy that we equip children with the skills needed to be safe WHILE building confidence instead of encouraging confidence in unskilled swimmers.



Infant and Child Survival swim

This program is designed for children aged 6mo-6yrs with a focus on using a gentle approach to introducing water safety and developing the life saving swim, float, swim sequence. Children build trust with the instructor by engaging in short, repetitive lessons that maximize retention of learned swim skills. While each child learns at their own pace, most finish in 4-6 weeks. 


Survival Swim Graduates

These programs offer options for skilled survival swim students to maintain their swim skills with intensive 2-3 week refreshers at the start of the swim season, weekly maintenance lessons, or small group lessons.


Parent assisted group class

An Instructor led swim class with parent participation will introduce your baby to the fundamentals of Survival Swim. Lots of singing and splashing prepare our youngest swimmers for a transition into  our Survival Swim program when they are ready. 


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