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Renee Murphy

       Renee Murphy is a Survival Swimming Specialist and owner of everyBODY swim in Wilmington, NC. She was certified in 2018 as a survival swim instructor to blend her career as a therapist and her passion for the water into an accessible program for all children.

       After experiencing survival swim from a parent perspective with both of her young boys, she knew there was a special need in her area for an instructor who felt comfortable working with children with mobility challenges, autism, and other developmental delays. The thing she loves most about the community of SSDN is the depth of experience and creativity of the supporting members to brainstorm adaptive swim techniques for children of all ability levels.

Molly Headshot.jpg

Molly Stallard 

       Molly Stallard is a survival swim instructor located in Leland NC. After putting her first two children through survival swim with everyBODY swim, and observing from outside the pool, it became apparent that this was something she had a passion for.

       At the beginning of the 2020 swim season, Molly observed another 6 weeks of swim, followed by training her youngest child and niece. Molly joined the everyBODY swim team and began in water training with Renee for another 6 weeks. Molly now teaches the Survival Swim in Leland to make sure children of all ages are safe in and around the water.

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