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Program Information


Infant and Child Survival Swim

Private Lessons

Ages 6 months - 6 years.

*3 Lessons per week*

Upon graduation from our survival swim program, your child will be able to:

  • Swim with their face in the water
  • Roll over to get a breath and maintain a float 
  • Return to swimming to find an available exit
  • Independently exit the pool from the side or the stairs.
  • Each child will complete a "test out" wearing winter attire while demonstrating their life saving skills.


Private Lesson

Open to all ages

*3 Lessons per week*

This course will refresh and enhance the skills of swimmers who have previously completed our survival swim course.



Weekly Private Lessons

Swimmers who have recently completed our survival swim program have the opportunity  to continue learning and practicing their skills in a safe environment.

Course Information/Forms: Courses

Parent Assisted Group Class

Intro to Survival Swim

Ages 6-11 Months

*1 Class per week*

This in an introductory water experience for infants ages 6-12 months. Your instructor will teach caregivers how to safely introduce the skills of submersion and breath control. Classes are limited to 4-6 infants to optimize learning in a supportive environment. 


Group Class

Ages 3-5

*1 Class per week*

Must have completed survival swim first

Small group swim lessons offer a fun and nurturing learning environment that is suitable for newly skilled swimmers. These groups are no longer parent assisted and focus on building confidence and endurance while having fun alongside their peers.


The total cost of lessons are determined by the total number of weeks required to develop independent swim skills. Typical program length is provided below. 

Survival Swim: $100/week, 6-8 week program

          **3 Lessons per week.

Refreshers: $100/week, 2-3 week program.

          **3 lessons per week.

Group class: $100/Month.

    **4 classes per month.

Caregiver-child Class: $100/month.

       **4 classes per month.

Maintenance Lessons: $120/month.

         **4 lessons per month.

*A one time, non-refundable administrative fee of $75 per swimmer is due upon registration.*

Online Interest Form

By submitting this form you are agreeing that our program will fit your needs. This form will add you to our waiting list. The waiting list is often long and we cannot promise availability for spring or summer lessons. As spots become available we will reach out to you to schedule your child for lessons.  

**We are currently on a waitlist for all sessions and locations. We will pull from our waitlist as spots become available.**

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